Sunday, June 05, 2011

Some other doings this week

I forgot about something else we did this week! On Friday Yagoot (a frozen yogurt shop not far from us) was having their coconut yogurt free with one topping. That was a special treat for the boys! I got mine with pecans, Allan got his with raspberries,

Daniel loves his sprinkles (ughhhhhh!!!!)
And Stephen loves the chocolate chips. I was interested how different the yogurt tasted depending on the topping you choose.

They boys didn't appreciate the music so we went outside.

They've played outside in their little pool a lot this week, worked on lego projects and also played with their Ideal Blox (which are the neatest things I've seen in a long time!)

Now I think that pretty much sums up our least what's documented with pictures!

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Tonya said...

Love seeing pictures of the boys! Looks like you guys are having a great summer so far:)