Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Week

Daniel was Joseph in our Church Christmas Program this last Sunday. Other than pretending to shoot one of the shepherds and then rubbing his hands gleefully when the wise men were announced (As though he was saying, "Oh goody! Now we can pay for this child!") I was very proud of him for being able to sit still that long!

Christmas excitement seems to be taking a hold of this house and I'll have to admit I'm beginning to catch the spirit. At least the childhood excitement of nativity plays, singing carols, lights, and visits from cousins. Currently we're enjoying those things from the confines of our home since the majority are fighting or have fought some kind of bug for the last week (save mommy who CANNOT get sick!). 

This is the play done by the Aldersgate Academy where the boys take their music class. Allan in in the bottom right corner of the picture.

Daniel playing Jingle Bells

We've already listed to "A Christmas Carol" at least four times (the boys have listened more than that) so it was interesting one day this week when I went in to their room to wake Stephen for breakfast and said, "Time to get up little buddy, it's time for breakfast!" he replied, "Bah humbug, I don't believe it!" 

Last week participated in the Christmas open house for the college students to come through our house. My husband so wonderfully took the boys out on a hike that afternoon so that I'd be free to clean and have the house stay in order. The problem was, they came home worn smack out and were ready to go to bed by the time the open house started. We had some tears until it was all said and done but they enjoyed giving house tours that evening. 

Daniel had an MRI for a study he's involved in at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and did well except he kept pushing the emergency button to tell them, "I think I moved my head!" 

Allan had his first cavity filled today. We tried to prepare him that it "might be painful"....you never know if it's going to be or not but this child avoids pain at all costs. When the dentist stepped in the room and said he had a cavity to be filled and if we had the time they'd go ahead and do it, Allan sat bolt upright in the chair and said, "No, we'll come back later!" He had himself so worked up that he was almost sick so then when he didn't feel anything (not even the shot) he got deliriously happy and was giggling and trying to talk the entire time. Whew! Now he has more motivation not to be partaking of his Christmas candy stash he received at church on Sunday! 

The semester is over! God did a miraculous thing for Philip by keeping him well while teaching 22 hours....the potential stresses this semester almost doomed him to be out a few days but he didn't succumb until Wednesday. I helped administer a final on Thursday, he administered his Greek final on Friday and just today is starting to feel some more normal. 

We baked some gingerbread cookies last week and are doing cutout cookies tomorrow. I've just not really had the umph to do a lot towards Christmas this year. It seems this time of year holds so many memories of years past that it hurts too much to do some of the customary traditional things. I both laughed and cried the other day when passing a Hickory Farms kiosk in the mall. My mom loved Hickory Farm cheese balls and bought one (some times multiples for gifts) to have around the holidays. I hated the things but it was just part of Christmas. I cried because she's the only one I know who buys them and I laughed because I almost bought one just for old times sake but decided that some traditions don't have to be carried on! 

There are good days and bad days.....I sort of agree with Daniel who told his daddy the other night that God needs to allow people to send letters from heaven. I wonder if they celebrate Christmas in heaven? Do they watch reruns of what really happened? Does Mary share a reflection of what it was like to give birth to the Son of God? Has my mom swapped mothering experiences with her? What must it be like to listen to the shepherds, meet those people who experienced first-hand that "First Christmas"? I wish for one evening that she could sit down with us and share what she's been up to.....somehow it seems like it would make it easier.

So....our upcoming week looks somewhat slower than the past one....everyone is trying to recuperate so we can visit family who are up from Alabama and in from Pittsburg. Maybe tomorrow?........ 

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Faithe said...

Oh, I can almost smell (and taste) those gingerbread cookies. I LOVED, LOVED my Mom's soft gingerbread cookies (and the dough!!). It almost brought tears to my eyes after all these years. Some memories stay with you forever. Cherish the ones you have made with your Mom...they carry you through the tough times.
We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!! Love you.