Friday, December 09, 2011

First Public Singing

Our boys haven't been overly blessed with musical talent (up to this point) although they love to sing. Staying on key doesn't come naturally to them but slowly and surely they're getting the hang of it and we're not hearing as many monotone songs as we used to. They were asked to sing at the GBSC Faculty and Staff Christmas dinner and after choosing their favorite song and lots of practice, they actually did it! Or well.....Allan did it.....Daniel spent most of the time rolling his eyes and Stephen was just paying attention to the other two. It was a good learning experience for them (Do you know how much training goes into teaching children to stand still, keep their hands by their side and fingers out of their noses, and smile on their face while remembering what it was they were to be doing in the first place?!).

I look forward every year to the dinner. It's held at Higher Ground and they cater the meal so it's just a time to sit back and enjoy to hear what's happening in other parts of campus. The food is fantastic and the fellowship even better. There usually are some announcements of people getting married or expecting babies but this year there were no public announcements (although I know of at least one announcement! ;o)

The boys always get a gift from the school (purchased by mommy and daddy) but this year I only got a picture of Stephen who got a new set of bath toys! He LOVES bath toys. The nice thing about this set is that they all store in the boat when he's done!

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Brenda said...

The boys did a great job! All the training and practice paid off. :-)