Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Special Breakfast

For breakfast this morning we had oatmeal (just followed the directions on the can) with cinnamon mixed in, topped with ice cream (to help cool the oatmeal of course), chocolate chips, coconut and pecan pieces sprinkled on top.

I think the boys liked it!


Liz said...

Mrs. Walker's recipe? Seems like she mentioned this in kindergarten... looks yummy!

Juwah said...

Ice cream for breakfast? World's Coolest Mom award looking good for you in 2012. :)

Marianne Brown said...

Liz, It was Mrs. Walker's idea :o) The boys thought it was a wonderful idea although, Julia, I doubt very much the sanity of a mother who gives her children ice cream for breakfast! It was quite nice though for a change of the usual oatmeal with blueberries or yogurt....maybe if I had done frozen yogurt that would have been better (or at least made me feel better about it!).