Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Busyness

Sometimes there's nothing to blog about and then sometimes there's so much to blog about that there's not time to blog! We're sort of in the latter camp right now.

Back in February we attended a Weekend to Remember marriage seminar. Philip was on break for a week and a half and the seminar started the first day of break so it worked well (other than both of us were exhausted going into it) It was our fourth time to pay the fee to go but the first time we were actually able to attend. Two nauseous pregnancies and one surgery hindered us previously and I kept holding my breath to see what was going to happen this time - but it happened. And we were so glad we went. It doesn't matter whether your marriage is falling apart or it's better than it's ever been, there is always something that can be learned.

The week after the getaway my dad visited us for a few days. We didn't take one picture during that time :o( He worked on leveling my stove and fridge (which is a job when you have a house that drops toward the center. So though my stove now looks crooked, it's baking an even cake. And my jello salads don't tilt towards one side anymore.....yeah!! Thank you dad! He also did some caulking in preparation for putting up some quarter inch round around the windows and (hopefully) some painting.

Then school started again and we plowed in for the last stretch of the year (how thankful I have been for the flexibility of homeschooling this year) and gearing up for another kindergarten graduation. We celebrated Philip's 41st birthday by taking him out to eat and then having friends over for strawberry shortcake.

I've started my tomato and pepper seeds in preparation for gardening. This year we're going to raised beds in hopes that we'll raise yields while cutting back on the work involved. The soil in our garden area is whatever fill dirt was available when they tore the house down in that lot. There are rocks and parts of the foundation that just make parts of it almost impossible to use for anything that's going to have more than three inches of root. SO.......we're going to give this a try. We're just waiting for things to dry a bit so that we can get started.

We've been enjoying spring -

And the warmer the weather the more the "need to be out doing something" bug hits but it just seems too soon! So this week we've sprayed all the trees and strawberries, hope to mulch the grapes and focus on inside work. This week is crazy busy with meetings, speaking in Academy chapel, spring concert and my in-laws are living with us this week while work is being done on their house.

So series will have to wait because life is happen'n!

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sarahmfry said...

I love your updates...Looks like life is buzzing along happily. I am in awe of your gardening skills.

We received a weekend to remember gift certificate as a wedding gift and loved it! We are hoping to go again this year.