Saturday, April 14, 2012

Month in Pictures

The best way to document this past month may be in pictures:
Many battles have been fought - some in a cape with a hidden sword tucked in the belt under cover of darkness...

and some out in the open. 

More demolition demonstrations. 

Xylophone part in a second grade special during chapel. 

"The Project" - after selling my cake decorating inventory, I put those monies into doing raised beds in part of my garden this year with hopes to expand in the future. All six beds are now in place and have the dirt in them (long story there!) and if we can keep the cats and squirrels to stop using them as litter boxes we just might be able to grow something.
We had the neatest experience of watching a bee hive "swarm". One hive got too big so another queen was chosen, the colony split and this was the result - a basket ball size of bees surrounding their queen waiting to choose a new home. The beekeeper who came to get them said there were probably about 8,000 bees in that mass.

Over Philip's spring break we were able to go on a camping trip to Red River Gorge in KY were there were a lot of climbing opportunities for the boys (mommy just took the pictures).
Beautiful views -(if you're not afraid of heights)

And strange twists of nature - like this tree that was growing totally on top and around a rock.

And lots of happy memories (and no major accidents!).

We were well protected the entire trip.

Allan celebrated birthday #8!

Celebrated Easter.

Smiled at the prospect of apples this year.

Hatched some butterflies.
And so many more wonderful, exciting, "spring-ish" doings! We've been planting seeds, replanting seeds, working on schoolwork and housework, just all the things that make up life. We're so very blessed.


Charity said...

Love it! What a fun month! Alex definitely needs to come hang out with his testosterone-filled cousins. He gets so tired of girls ;o) On the cats using your beds as litter boxes- I found an article that suggested 'planting' plastic forks, tines up, in the beds. It worked great for my teentsy bed that year. I foresee many, many forks if you try that method ;o)

collette said...

Hi Marianne...I love following your blog! When I saw your raised beds I couldn't help but share what we are getting ready to set up on our back porch, since we are city dwellers is the link that tells about it:

Check it out and see what you think.

Hope your day is beautiful.

Collette Burch