Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This and That

Late yesterday afternoon we got a call from the Cincinnati Police Department letting us know that our car that had been stolen in June had been found. It was just down the hill from us in Over The Rhine. Nothing was taken out - car seat, ratchet set, tape deck - but it had been hot-wired so it now starts with a screwdriver! It sounds terrible....they evidently ran it pretty hard and probably so as not to draw attention to themselves just parked it. But it's nice that we get the money for the metal instead of someone else. 

This was one of my projects last week after discovering that the little leak I was seeing at the wall by the dishwasher was actually a big leak. But after replacing the motor (since the gears were almost stripped and it also needed new O-rings) it's working like a charm - and I discovered that I'd forgotten how long it takes to wash dishes by hand. So blessed to have a dishwasher!
We hosted a picnic for the Ministerial Division at our house on Saturday and a good group was able to come. So glad to have the students back!

The Grillmaster

Then we took some friends to a presentation on the Second Amendment and a Gun Safety lecture for a quick field trip. It was very bright that day and no one wanted to look at the camera - at least Uriah and Josiah looked.

The couple doing the presentation raised chickens so Allan got to hold one.

Squirrels stripped one apple tree of all but three apples and took about 20 off of this one before I finally was able to stop them by putting a plastic paint drop cloth around the bottom branches. So far they've left it alone...but I did holler at a two footed creature who was checking them out over the weekend.
This is a fall garden.....dying......very much in need of the attention ....looking really pathetic. It's good I got what I could before school started. I could use the excuse that this is my cover crop........  Just need to pull the carrots and onions and then wait for the broccoli and cauliflower to produce.

So looking forward to fall and am starting to see some leaves changing and the cooler weather seems to have settled in. Lazy, fall days - love them!

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