Friday, October 04, 2013

Daniel's Seventh Birthday

Our family has many birthdays in September (six that I can remember) and Daniel is one of them. This year he turned seven.

Every year he wants to hear what happened the day he was born and the story of his birth. Everyone had just gone to lunch and the doctor walked in, did an exam and decided I needed to have the baby right then! I panicked because not even Philip was there and my mom and dad had come a week early just to be sure that they were here - whew! For some reason my dad stuck his head in and I said, "The baby's coming go get everyone!" They hadn't made it too far down the hall so everyone came back and was mom even got to cut his cord.

 Ever since that momentary minute of panic, he has continued to make my heart stop as he careened from pillar to post in those toddler years! He still is our most accident prone child but, as he reminds u,s - he's the only one who has never had a broken bone or stitches! He's pretty proud of that fact.

Their cousin Alex started a Tolkein themed cake fad (that I hope will soon run it's course!) but Daniel chose a simple design. Gandalf coming to the Shire and Frodo leaning against a stump reading a book - that was easy enough!

He received a couple of Lego sets, a new pair of roller blades and a puzzle.

And though Stephen didn't have enough money to buy him a present, he spent the entire afternoon of Daniel's birthday working on a Lego Creation as a gift. It had several different working functions and he was so tickled to give it to Daniel.
We celebrated at Mom and Dad Brown's where the last of Dad's roses are putting on a show - they were fantastically beautiful again this year.

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