Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Meals and Girls

Two interesting conversations I've had lately:
Stephen was behind me in the van and since it was just him, he was taking the opportunity to pour out all the deep thoughts he had been thinking. The conversation went something like this.....

Stephen: Mom, I have a brilliant idea! Do you have the phone number for McDonalds?
Me: No, I've never called McDonalds. Why do you need to call McDonalds?
Stephen: I need to call them and tell them that when I have a boy - and I'm just going to have one boy because if you have one boy they can't fight but if you have more than one boy then they can fight so I'm just going to have one - I am going to take my boy to McDonald's every day and we're going to order two Happy Meals - one for him and one for me. I want them to know they need to have two Happy Meals ready every day at lunchtime. Doesn't that sound like a great idea?

There will come a time when he will understand why we don't go to McDonalds every day and why we don't buy Happy Meals.

Another son whose name I will not disclose - I was telling him  that just that morning I'd been praying for his future wife. That God would be protecting her, that she'd be developing a love for God and preparing to work in His kingdom. That she would love him and be a wonderful helper and mother.

He was quiet for a little while and then said, "Mom, do I have to get married?" I told him absolutely not - he should only get married if God wants him to marry. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's good...because I like about 20 girls right now." Now that I wasn't expecting.


Dorcas said...

You'll have to remind your boys of these conversations when they're older :o)

Shalet Jimmy said...

Wise boys...sounded too innocent...

sarahmfry said...

I'm totally laughing out loud. You've got your hands so full. Love it. : )