Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Sermon

Romans 8:28-29. Of all the verses that are misunderstood in Christianity, this one is right near the top. As a teenager I struggled with that verse and for years heard basically the same thing: God takes everything and makes it good in the life of the believer. Soon after Philip and I started our relationship, I asked him to help me learn to read the Bible in such a way that I could understand and apply what I was reading. One of the first things that he told me was, "You have to read verses in context - of the verses surrounding it, the book itself, the author, other material in the same genre, ect." And this verse was at the top of the list of explanations. Verse 28 cannot be separated from verse 29.

This sermon was preached by Dr. Greg Mazak at a luncheon and is entitled One of the Best Loved and Most Misunderstood Verses.  Dr. Mazak was my professor for Introduction to Biblical Counseling at Bob Jones University.

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