Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturday Sermon

"Meaning and satisfaction are not found in any of life's components but only in life's Creator." ~Jim Berg 

The book of Ecclesiastes isn't usually a favorite of most people.  The picture it paints of the futility of life can be depressing. I barely cracked the book until hearing Dr. Berg give a sermon in chapel one day and since then this little book has been a constant reminder to me that if I'm looking for significance or permanence anywhere apart from a relationship with God, I'm "chasing after wind." My life only takes on meaning and I can only find deep satisfaction as I learn to know Him. The sermon I'm posting today is just the first sermon taken from a series that Dr. Berg preached on the book of Ecclesiastes. Some of the audio quality isn't the best through the series but this is the best material you'll find on this book.

How Could He Fail With Such Potential? - Ecclesiastes Chapter 1

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