Monday, December 08, 2014

Snow, Homeschooling, and Drama

The week before Thanksgiving we had a wonderful wet snow that was perfect for sledding and building snowmen. My boys spend HOURS outside when it snows and though the mess makes extra work, I'm so thankful that they enjoy it so much. 

Yesterday it was fun to be out an about during a sleeting/slush squall - it was so pretty and helped break the dreary rainy spell we've been having.

Daniel working on a model of the earth's parts.

Fall art projects are about to be put away.

One of Allan's most detestable subjects this year is spelling. The other day he was struggling with his assignment and he slipped out of his chair onto the floor. His spelling paper was on his chest and his hands were clasped over his heart. With a pained expression he said, "Tell dad I loved him!". We all hooted and I thought once again, "I don't need girls to have all the drama I can handle."

We gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to the school break and having time together as a family. Hope you all have a good week!

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Dorcas said...

We've been having a lot of dreary and rainy days here, too. If it would've all been snow, we'd been stuck inside!