Thursday, January 23, 2014

Homeschooling this week

Homeschooling has had it's moments this week -
Daniel is learning the concept of compound words. But my examples were not convincing to him. He understood "sunshine" and "rainbow" but then I gave him a list of words and he had to tell me if they were compound words or not.
Neighbor - "neigh" - sound a horse makes, "brrrrr" - sound you make when you're cold. Comfort - "come" and "fert" - what you yell when you throw a ball .....    ?????? Then he burst out laughing!

Stephen was sitting here in the school room repeatedly pressing his hand against his ear. I asked him what he was doing. His eyes got big and he said, "What's that squitchy sound in my ear?"

We made puffy paint snowmen (shaving cream mixed with glue and sprinkled with iridescent glitter) and even took a half day on Tuesday to play in the snow.

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